Intercultural Cancer Council's National Network Regional Leaders Summit 

June 22nd

ICC Board of Directors

June 23rd

 Houston, Texas

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ICC Regional Leadership

Frankie Powell, PhD

University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Paul D. Juarez, PhD

Meharry Medical College

Sharon Barrett, PhD

Morgan State University
Mignon Guy, PhD

Virginia Commonwealth University

Linda Fleisher, PhD

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 
Patricia Bradley, PhD

Villanova University

Shaan Trotter, MS
Northwestern University

Phyllis Nassi, MSW

University of Utah, Huntsman Cancer Institute
Bill Ward

Community Partner, Tribal Member

Bonnie Wheatly, EdD

Winona Hollins-Hauge, MSW

Univ. of Washington, School of Public Health
Christine DeCourtney, MPH

Community Partner
Rita Stevens

Community Partner

Puerto Rico
Guillermo Tortollina-Luna, MD

Hawaii Islands/
Federation of Micronesia/
Guam, Samoa, Saipan, Chunk, and Yak

Neal Palafox, MD, MPH
Lee Buenconsejo-Lum, MD, MPH

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ICC Network At Work

January 2016 - shared by Bill Ward, ICC Southwest Regional Leader

It gives me great pleasure to share with you my most recent participation with a cancer support group on the Gila River Indian Reservation this past Tuesday evening.
Mary Nance of Kokopelli Quilters, a Breast Cancer Survivor from Casa Grande, My wife Iralene Ward and I were invited to attend the groups monthly meeting and provide lap quilts to the cancer patients, caregivers and survivors and provide Cancer related information. The lap quilts are made by the Kokopelli Quilters group which is comprised of a group of cancer patients, caregivers, survivors, cancer support women and snow bird women from many different states that are here during the winter months. They donate their time and quilt making experience for this great cause of providing the lap quilts to cancer patients and survivors.
The Gila River group is not funded by anyone as they are a grass root organization of men and women cancer patients, caregivers and survivors. They work together to meet the needs of their membership by doing fundraisers to help the needs of anyone in the group. Such help includes, baby sitting for patients to attend treatments, provide gas to help patients get to treatments, cleaning a members house when they are in need and any other help the patient needs. They meet every month, have a pot luck and provide the group with updates on the progress of their health and treatments. They also share any needs they have so the group can address them. They take care of each other.  
I have been a part time visitor with Kokopelli Quilters for the past four years entertaining them with flute music and just hanging out to ensure the spirit is positive. During this time and prior to my arrival the Kokopelli Quilters have provide their lap quilts to many cancer patients and survivors in many states across the US.    
As a cancer survivor it was truly an honor to be invited to share and participate in the groups meeting and activities for the evening. It is also an honor to share this with you.
Warmest regards,
Bill Ward - President
Community Health Advocate
Men's Cancer & Health Issues
Mesa, AZ. 85212



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